Hey there. I’m Artur, the founder of Phoenix Market Trends (b. 2007) and inPhoenix Realty Group, now part of HomeSmart Elite Group, and if you ever asked yourself:

  • “How do I buy a multifamily property for investment or to live in?”
  • “How do I sell it so it’s a fairly easy process and how do I get the most of what is possible?”
  • “How do I manage my property to get the most return out of it?”
  • “How can I attract the best customers (tenants)?”

…You’re definitely in the proper place!

Now, how can I help you?

You benefit from our years of experience and participation in hundreds of transactions from all angles aspects, from buying/investing, selling, leasing, management, marketing: we’ve done all that personally and for clients.

There really is no substitute for hands on experience: this experience benefits you.

The real estate business is simple, but as with anything it’s the details that matter. Small changes/inputs/decisions can have a sizeable impact on how much you pay for a property, how much ends up in your pocket after a sale, how easy a property is to manage (it can easily be a nightmare) or the type of tenants it attracts.

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About Artur

Artur CiesielskiWe’ve been in this business the late 1990’s first as investors in multifamily properties than from 2001 also as REALTORS in both residential and multifamily segments.

When I started I did a lot of the work myself. It was bad sometimes. Think of dirty diapers on closets by the dozens, rouch drugged up tenants, water leaks, roof leaks, a fire, city fines – I can go on and I have lots of stories. Some are bad, but most are really good.

The first purchase was three fourplexes which were mismanaged.  It was a good deal which was sold a year later for a sizeable profit that we 1031’d into a medium sized complex of nearly 50 units.  This was another learning experience.

Much of what you learn over time is what type of properties you prefer. Some people grow to have a mega complex of 30,50,100 units and others just a lot of smaller properties like triplexes and fourplexes. Both are good,  but they are different beasts and require a completely different mind set.

I chose the latter. 2-4 unit properties are my forte, that’s what I like and that’s what I do and I know them well, inside and out, from every aspect, including which decades are good and bad, area characteristics, client base and down to having a decent idea of what you can expect for expenses and income despite those mostly useless proformas.

It’s been 15 years since the first purchase. I almost can’t believe all that has happened from good to bad, riches, financial meltdowns and finally stability and wisdom – wisdom that came only through going through all that stuff.

By the way. I love to do this, to help people sell and purchase multifamily properties.

That sounds like a cliche doesn’t it?

It simply means I don’t need the money from the “deal” to put food on the table. That’s covered. (Though customary fees apply – zero for buyers and market for sellers.)

That freedom leaves me free to do a no bullshit business.

I tell you like it is and what you can do to meet your goals, but then the decision is yours.

I especially enjoy it when someone purchases a property owner occupied because it can be such a great idea, just a good base for a very lucrative future for many.

Want to talk more? Call me or email me, but I prefer the call.