Arcadia Lite A Neighborhood Between The Giants


A wonderful small neighborhood with ranch homes, palm trees, lots of character and a strong sense of community.

arcadia_lite_514The Biltmore, Arcadia or the Camelback Corridor it’s not.  This area is in disputed territory, no one knows where it belongs.  Now at least it’s a bit clearer.  This is Arcadia Lite.

While not Arcadia proper the sentiment is more toward the east then west. Arcadia Lite is bound by Campbell to Indian School and 32nd St. to 36th St.  The name has been around  while but only recently did the street signs receive that added neighborhood sign as pictured above. There are about 500 homes represented in this neighborhood.

They are mostly ranch homes of medium size from the mid century and many remodeled homes.  While still in a transitional phase the trends are good.  Some of the homes are simply beautiful and it seems that residents care to preserve the character of the area and it’s architecture. The neighborhood is between Arcadia and the Biltmore each of which offers a lot to its residents from jobs, shopping, dining, culture and nearby the Phoenix mountains.


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