The First Things Buyers Will Do When They Buy Your Home, You As Seller Should Do Before Marketing It


When shopping for homes, buyers often look at the home and consider what they will have to do first if they purchase that particular home. That consideration can mean an offer or no offer on your house: or a lower offer.

When a buyer sees the need for a paint job, the repair of cracks in drywall, caulking, cleaning or a new front door the cost in their mind is usually much higher than the actual.

In this day when we see so many low down FHA offers it may result in you not receiving an offer since such loans are taken by persons who don’t have excess funds for too many repairs. If it’s a cash buyer the result will mean a much lower offer than if you had taken care of those items first.

The most important items to most people, unfortunately, are visual. It is these visual items that are also the easiert to repair or replace.

I mention the word ‘unfortunately’ because being green, having a new roof or high end roof, new A/C unit etc will not give you the value you should get, but a great paint job etc. will give you that value of more.

When getting ready to sell a home, ask youself, what would most buyers do to your home before they even moved in: what initial expenses will they have. Once you have a list consider what you should do first, before your home goes on the market.

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