Mid-Century Modern Triplex Update

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6245_515A few weeks ago I wrote about the progress of a remodel we’re doing on Central Phoenix mid-century modern. Check out the before picture.

That remodel has been completed except for a few items. Below are three photos of the kitchen and living space. This is a one bedroom apartment so there is a limit of how many relevant photos I can take, but these will give you a good idea of what is there.

The change is rather dramatic. I like the skylight: I’m big on natural light and the expense and effort were worth it to me, despite what my handy man said.

The kitchen cabinets and fixtures are from Ikea. The stove is one thing we splurged on. A 5 burner gas stove which is awesome and visually striking.

The floor is a laminate from Ikea which I’ve been using in many of the apartments we have. I highly recommend this durable floor as it has withstood the test of time and action in many situations, even being soaked in water for over a day.

phoenix-2_515 phoenix_515


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